Facial is relaxing and extremely valuable for the appearance of our skin as we grow older. Regular facials can make a major difference in the quality of your skin. The optimum long term benefits come from treating your skin to high-quality monthly facials. Every skin needs a regular deep cleaning to be at its best. You can find many facial treatments in our Beverly Hills office.  We take an individual approach with every client.  We start with a basic European Facial and build on that with treatments such as our High Tech Facial or our Hyaluronic Infusion Facial.  Rejuvenate your skin and fresh your look with one of our custom-designed treatments.  At Asta Skin and Body Care of Beverly Hills your facial treatment is our priority. 

A customized facial includes:


DECONGESTION/ EXTRACTIONS with steam resulting clear skin and unclogged pores

EXFOLIATION with enzyme mask

HYDRATION/ hydrating and nourishing masks, hyaluronic acid infusion

RELAXATION/ relaxing face, neck, shoulders, decollete, scalp massage and hand treatment

Over time and with regular care, you’ll begin to see your skin become softer, clearer, brighter and glowing.

We achieve great  results by employing natural methods and using professional skin care products.  We use only the highest quality products  including newly developed ingredients.  Let us determine the right facial for your skin. 

We’re conveniently located in Beverly Hills, CA.  Treat yourself to the luxury you deserve.  Browse through our Facial Treatments and let us help you determine the right service for you.  Treat yourself to the best and let us show you why we provide the best facial treatments in Beverly Hills.

Facial Treatments Beverly Hills

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If you or yours suffer from acne, we have a solution. Browse our Acne Treatment page and call to discuss our approach to this treatable condition.