PHOTO REJUVENATION LIGHT THERAPY is a custom treatment designed to work on  target areas. It works by taking light energy, similar to how photosynthesis works in plants. The light generated from LED penetrates deep into the skin, stimulating collagen production and improving overall skin condition. Leaves the skin complexion glowing. Blue photo rejuvenation light therapy benefits blemished and problem skin as it helps to fight certain bacteria that cause blemishes.

RED LED: * Antiaging and regenerative effects, partially by activating fibroblasts. *Increases the rate of healing. *Increases circulation. *Decreases hyperpigmentation.

BLUE LED: *Penetrates the epidermis and dermis. *Kills acne bacteria. *Decreases edema, erythema and inflammation. *Increases the rate of healing. *Increases cellular regeneration. *Increases circulation. *Stimulates the lymphocytes (white blood cells).

$45 (20 min.)